Change Requires Action

As a white woman, with white children, my voice is not the one you should be following right now. Instead, I urge you to go listen to Rachel Cargle’s public address on the revolution. You can also follow her on instagram @rachel.cargle. To support Rache’s work and learn more, see her Patreon page and her self-paced online learning collective The Great Unlearn (@thegreatunlearn).

Here are other voices you should also be following:

Leaders who have wonderful diverse book suggestions for kids and adults: @hereweread, @wellreadblackgirl, and @jane_mount compiled a great list of anti-racism books.

Charnaie from @hereweread even has a bookshop store to make it easier for you to find and purchase the books on her list and help make your home library more diverse and inclusive. Or you can add all these books to your library lists and check them out (once libraries open again).

If you’re looking for more resources to learn about racism and teach your children, follow @theconciouskid. They also have a Patreon page if you’d like to support their work.

I just purchased “A Kids Book About Racism” for my kids (you can follow them on instagram at @akidsbookabout).

There are many many other voices you should follow. Everyone I have linked to above has suggestions and lists. Take some time today and add diversify to your feed! You’ll be glad you get to learn from people with different perspectives.

Donate money and vote

Your actions with donations are essential to help these movements grow. I won’t list places here because there are many people sharing great lists of where you can donate money and where to help, pick your favorites! Donate to more than one! Donate what you can! Set up a monthly donation so that you automatically are supporting these organizations.

And more obvious, go out and vote. Make your voice heard. These changes happen at the local level. Your vote matters tremendously.

Support your black friends

If you’d like to talk about all this, I’m all ears, leave a comment, message us on instagram @purpleglassesFLDE, message us on Facebook.

Support your black friends, don’t burden them with your feelings, support them by reading their words and learning from all the resources that already exist. Support them with your actions.

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