Funny things kids say

May 2020 Edition

Middle Kid Talk

The backstory to this first conversation. My kid, age 5 has been talking a lot about what they want to be when they grow up. The list has gotten a bit unwieldy. For a while, the first line of work they were thinking about was astronaut. That has stayed on the list, but it has been added to.

M (age 5) in the car: “Mom, I decided I also want to be a cowboy when I grow up!”

Me: “Cool. Do you know what cowboys do?”

M: “Yup, ride cows.”

Me: ???? “No, I think they ride horses”

M: “That’s right, cause horse-boy sounds weird.”

Me: …

M: “Although horse-girl sounds fine, so does cowgirl. Cowgirl. Cowgirl? Cowgirl.”

Big Kid Talk

In this same vein, my 8 year old has also been talking about what she wants to be. It started off as a teacher and today she said:

“Remember when I said I wanted to run a school? Maybe I don’t want to do that, maybe I want to tutor instead. That way I could be a tutor and also be a chef!”

This kid also managed to convince us to get her three new books if she’d learn to ride her bike. It took one afternoon. Phew!

Toddler Talk

My youngest, age 2, has a bit of a speech delay as compared to her older siblings. Her pronunciation is sometimes difficult to understand, and also, adorable.

Blanket = blaaaankit

She also says “I say NO!” if you ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do, like lie down in her bed at bedtime. She’ll repeat ad nauseam while you try to keep a straight face and not laugh.

And if you laugh when she doesn’t want you to, she says “Mama, NO funny!”

If you call her, she’ll respond: “What?” (in her cute toddler voice)


I missed posting these but have kept a running list of mispronunciations that I’m kind of sad are now pronounced correctly.

When my son was still 4, we visited a friend in Washington DC. For some reason, whenever he talked about the trip for over a year he pronounced it “Washington-ton DC”

Halloween was “Howelleen”

On Columbus Day, we had a big talk about how Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean, but he wasn’t a very nice guy. We took out all the books from the library. This is how my son pronounced his name: “Misterpher Columbus.”

And my favorite, one of the things we’ve been doing on our walks is racing. M has just recently started saying this phrase correctly: “On your marCH, get set, go!”

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