Another Pandemic Post

Sushi, can you tell?

“They just said, get up there and make some trouble,”

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Hello from Germany, where there’s not much sushi (though I did find some -shout out Watashi Sushi). Though it seems odd eating it so far from the ocean, I must recall I’m closer to the Atlantic than Coloradans are. As a vegetarian for decades, salmon was my gateway meat.

Like a lot of us thrust into a rather intense, hybrid adaptation of work/life under one roof, things are a bit rough around the edges. A bit like preparing for a hurricane while trying to remember stories (or IRL!) of life pre-polio vaccine. With the help of my tech-mess-home-office, I slapped together the sushi sketch above during a trial run for the Spouse’s online university class. We’ve moved passed cabin fever here.

Carolina and I have wrapped our way around the US and landed with our kids on opposite sides of said ocean, in countries we weren’t raised in. I feel fortunate to have moved for stable family employment after moving around so much the last 20 years. After the first post-college move, we started a blog writing collaboration to blow off steam and joke around.

This time, well! I miss writing, storytelling, and sharing permanent space with my bestie. I’m exhausted a lot of the time; starting over without knowing the language is a bit of a bumpy ride. Pre-pandemic, we found a groove: me with a part time job, reliable childcare, and grocery shopping checkouts were no longer terrifying! It only took a year. And now…they’re a bit scary again. It’s hard to force myself out of the box permanently. Two weeks on, two weeks off. Definitely an INFJ.

I don’t know how much trouble I can muster here, but I’m tired of waiting on the right time to write. Tired of reading other’s memes, and really tired of talking to myself in my head. So here we go!

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